Pitch, Collaborate, and Convert Your Leads

The perfect light-weight CRM for SMBs, customized to your needs.

Keeping track of your leads and having them slide down the sales funnel means going the extra mile every day.

You may have managed to automate a few things with a CRM.

Except, you have to change the structure of your sales pipeline to fit the CRM. And pray that it doesn't limit you at every turn. 

You should be doing the opposite. You need a CRM that is customized to your sales process.

Introducing SaleswiseCRM

SaleswiseCRM is a simplified CRM tool for businesses that want a CRM customized to their sales process.  


  • Advanced CRM Customization.
  • Unlimited Document Generation.
  • Alternative to:  Zoho CRM, Hubspot CRM, Pipedrive, Sugar CRM.
  • Best for Sales & Marketing Professionals, Small Business Owners, and E-commerce Businesses.

Spend more time engaging and nurturing your leads, and less on tracking them through different stages. 

Because you can view your entire sales pipeline instantly. 

See where each lead stands in your funnel at any time and move for faster conversion.

Qualify your leads faster with custom stages and fields across your sales funnel.  

Collaborate with your team, assign roles at each stage, and keep things moving at all times.

Close more sales faster with collaboration, even if you're terrible at multitasking.

Set up customized workflows to streamline everything in your sales pipeline. 

Save hours spent on manual work every day while also reducing errors.

Instantly generate and share unlimited proposals to convert your opportunities into active customers. 

And you can do it at scale. 

Tailor your sales pipeline for compelling pitch and conversion.

Deal Highlights

  • CRM Customization
  • Default Quotation
  • Integrations
  • Email Support

Reviews and Questions

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11 months ago   |  verifed user Verified User

How many organizations can I manage under one account with 5 codes stack?

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1 Reply



11 months ago  Founder

@shopaholic: Right now you can only manage a single organization. But if you buy 5 codes, we can customize the software as per your requirement.


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1 year ago   |  verifed user Verified User

There is an old proverb that says "The book is clear from its title" When I wanted to see the details of the deal by going to the official website I encountered the problem that the leading site unfortunately does not work 🤯

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3 Replies



1 year ago  Founder

@Hamad: Hi Hamad. Our website is live and is working properly. You can check it: https://saleswisecrm.com/

Can you please share the link of the website with which you encountered the problem?

You can also reach to us: [email protected]


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11 months ago

@Girish: Coerce? Your website is on the web, but the link to Privacy Policy leads to nowhere....This is not good at all.

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11 months ago  Founder

@Vincent: Hi Vincent. Thanks for pointing out the privacy page issue. Here is our Privacy Page: https://saleswisecrm.com/privacy-policy/

The page didn't get linked to the website before. Now it's linked properly:)


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