Get Booked... Get Paid... Automate!!

Collect Payments on your Service Bookings, Gather Positive Reviews & Streamline Your communication

Your time is better spent servicing your customers, and getting them to refer you more customers.

Stop using multiple tools to get your services booked, managing your invoices, getting paid, chasing up to collect positive reviews, managing CRM, and... (tiring.. too tiring)

It’s a never-ending... was a never-ending story

Meet OneStop

Onestop is a user-friendly platform for service based businesses & agencies to easily streamline everything from bookings to payments,  reviews to customer management at scale.


  • Includes Built-in CRM & Autoresponder
  • Automated Review Collection & Stop Negative Reviews
  • Alternative to:,
  • Best for Service Providers, Local Marketing Agencies, Coaches, Consultants, etc.
Get over scrambling through multiple records and Excel sheets whenever an inquiry comes in. 

Answer your service inquiries and schedule agent appointments in seconds. Even those high-priority requests on weekends. 

You can easily view the schedules of all of your agents in one place before you book an appointment.

Free yourself from being the middleman. It means more time for you to expand and grow your business.  

Let your customers book appointments at their convenience. More brownie points for transparency.

We all love the comfort of choosing the time at our convenience, don't we? :)

No more sending invoices & chasing up for the payments. Get that money bag filled up with automated invoicing and follow-ups.

With the Stripe, PayPal & Xero integration built-in, you're not limited by currency or the accounting hassles.

That’s multiple business blocks out of your way.

Your service-based agency grows faster with some good word-of-mouth marketing. That definitely works far better than most other marketing channels.

And you can Manage Multiple Business Locations from a Single login.

With Onestop, you can collect reviews by sending automated emails requesting for the reviews on the services provided by you.

Plus, you can respond to reviews in time to address the room for improvement.

You can manage all of your customers with the built-in CRM

And, send Automated Emails for their Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. 

Normally customers would pay $490 per year for But today, you only have to pay $79.00 & use the product for lifetime.

It's time to build relationships with your customers & grow your business better than ever.

Deal Highlights

  • Unlimited Customer Management
  • Unlimited Business Locations
  • Unlimited Customer Bookings
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Collect Unlimited Reviews
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Future Updates & Integrations of the Premium Plan
  • 60 days Refund policy

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Reviews and Questions

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3 months ago   |  verifed user Verified Buyer

Hi im interested in this deal but unsure what the no of users is in referring too? Are these the service providers or the No of businesses? As the main deal says Unlimited customers (people booking/paying) + Unlimited Business locations (service providers). What is the no of users referring too?

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4 Replies



3 months ago  Founder


Hello Tom,

In the $79 plan, you will have one Admin user with full access to the system. Additionally, you can create an unlimited number of Employees (Nanny/Babysitter) and manage unlimited customers/bookings.

Thank you.


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3 months ago

@Dharmin: thanks, so users relates to the admin users. Can this in theory be used to allow multiple users of the same site to set their own locations and bookable appointments etc?

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3 months ago  Founder

@Tom: While multiple users (admin) are allowed in the system, multiple locations are not supported. However, any admin user will have access to view bookings and employees across all locations.


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3 months ago

@Dharmin: can you clarify as in the listing it says "Unlimited Business Locations"

So as an example if I had a gym company with multiple branches could the various personal trainers be able to list their services at the various locations at their own preset rates. But effectively under 1 website/brand then a customer could select between the branches/service providers.. the personal trainers would be able to see and edit their own calander/profiles.. but me as the main admin can access everything.. then the difference in teirs essentially allows me to bring more admin managers to have control of the platform is that correct?

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