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Securely save unlimited passwords and sensitive information instantly.


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“You changed your password 2 months ago”

Of course, you remember you changed your password 2 months ago. You just can’t remember what. 

Is it “Noobmaster69” or “N00bMaster69”? No way to know. 

You can’t keep resetting your passwords either. It is frustrating and a waste of time. 

Introducing Locker

Locker helps you store, share, and manage all your Passwords, Personal Identities, and other sensitive data for secure access with just one click. 


  • Unlimited Passwords and Credit Card Info.
  • Unlimited Devices (Simultaneous Login)
  • Alternative to: 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass
  • Best for Marketing and Sales Professionals, Small Teams, and Solopreneurs. 

Sign up for a gazillion productivity tools, forget your passwords, and still access them all instantly with Locker. 

One-click save your password with military-grade encryption on your first log-in to any account. So you’re automatically logged in thereafter. 

Add another layer of biometric security, because you can also log in with your Face ID or Touch ID.

Save your time in thinking of a strong password with upper case, numbers, and a special character whenever you sign up on any platform.

Auto-generate super-strong passwords instantly to create your account. 

With Locker, also check your existing password health. Update and secure them even from the most brutal cyber attacks. 
Protect your personal documents, credit card information, and every other sensitive information in one place. So that you can access them from anywhere at any time.

Need to share a personal ID for a legal requirement? Quickly share it securely from anywhere in the world. 

Also, create and save unlimited confidential notes to revisit later. 

You can access your passwords and confidential items on unlimited devices with Locker.  

And across all devices including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. 

Secure all your accounts and sensitive information while enjoying hassle-free access from anywhere.

Deal Highlights

  • Unlimited Passwords
  • Unlimited Confidential notes
  • Unlimited Credit card information
  • Unlimited Personal identities
  • Unlimited Devices (logged in at the
  • same time)
  • With-a-click password saving
  • Sign in with FaceID and TouchID
  • Strong password generator
  • Built-in Locker Authenticator
  • Item sharing
  • Item quick share
  • Private email
  • Password health checker
  • Data breach scanner
  • Excluded URLs
  • Emergency Access
  • Offline mode
  • Cross-device support
  • Future Updates & Integrations of the Premium (or equivalent) plan are included
  • Refund policy: 60 days, no questions asked

Reviews and Questions

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5 months ago   |  verifed user Verified User

How many users can be part of a team? In other words do we need to buy a code for each team member?

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4 months ago  Founder



Lifetime Premium Plan is only used for 01 user. You have to buy a code for each team member.


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$69.99 /$119.76