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You can widen your audience base with your existing written content by repurposing it.

However, adapting it into videos or podcasts can be extremely time-consuming.

Imagine having an AI voice actor ready to speak no matter the length of the script. Thankfully, you can do it now!

Meet Leelo-ai

Leelo-ai is a cloud-based text-to-speech platform that converts text into speech in various languages and voices. Enter the text you want to be read, select your desired language and voice, and listen to the generated speech.


  • Emotion-Infused AI Voices
  • Generate speech in 142 languages and accents
  • Alternative to:, HeyGen
  • Best for Podcasters, Content creators, Language learners, Video production agencies

Revolutionize the way you create audio voiceovers for your social media videos. Gone are the days of laborious manual recording.

Transform your written scripts or captions into natural-sounding speech with just a few clicks. 

Captivate viewers and boost engagement for your content with shareable bite-sized teasers for long-form videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Explore different languages and enhance your language skills in a fun and interactive way.

Convert complex text into engaging listening exercises and improve your pronunciation in the chosen language.

Create lesson plans and follow through for each language milestone.

Make language learning intuitive and enjoyable with Leelo-ai.

Make e-learning modules more accessible for the visually impaired by providing audio narration for course materials.

Create a more engaging and accommodating learning environment for learners with PWD.

Make your course content more accessible and inclusive, catering to diverse learning needs. 

Convert your text into vibrant audio.

Deal Highlights

  • Access to Premium Voices 
  • Commercial Rights for sharing videos
  • Unlimited Downloads of your videos
  • Audio Widget Integration
  • Future Updates & Integrations of the Personal, Professional, &Unlimited (or equivalent) plans are included
  • Refund policy: 60 days, no questions asked

1 Code


  • 200,000 Words(approx)
  • 26 hrs of video (approx)
  • Mapped to the Personal plan

2 Codes


  • 450,000 Words(approx)
  • 60 hrs of video (approx)
  • Mapped to the Professional plan

3 Codes


  • 1,000,000 Words(approx)
  • 128 hrs of video (approx)
  • Mapped to the Unlimited plan

Reviews and Questions

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2 weeks ago   |  verifed user Verified User

Is elevanlabs integrated? Arabic voices needs to be more and better

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2 weeks ago   |  verifed user Verified User

Are the limits one time or per month?

Do you have neural voices? What's their source?

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1 Reply


Brahim koukou

2 weeks ago  Founder

@Pavanaram: the limits are one time.

Yes leelo ai have neural voices

And some of them have emotions.


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From $35.00 /$180.00