Privacy Mode ON.. Instantly. Forever!

Say Goodbye to the Censorship and Unlock Geo-Restricted Content via 600+ Servers.

You’re being tracked right now!

For every data you send and receive, every single click and page visit, there are millions of prying eyes.

On the other hand, there are a lot of restrictions applied to access the web content & tools based on the country you are living in.

(Hint: ChatGPT is banned in Italy :-/)

Hmm, so how do you tackle all of these?

Introducing FastestVPN

FastestVPN boasts military-grade 256-bit AES encryption at lightning-fast speeds, a strict no-logs policy, with support for multiple devices and platforms.


  • Built-in ad & malware blockers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switches
  • Alternative to: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN
  • Best Suited For Individuals, Business Owners and Anyone wanting internet Privacy

Protect yourself from cyber threats and identity theft by hiding your IP address from the public internet.

Thanks to the multiple connections. Your whole family can use FastestVPN simultaneously.

Hit your favourite travel destinations as you work remotely.

Access your work Geo-restricted work resources by connecting to the servers in your work location.

Or watch Netflix shows restricted in your country. Simply connect to the FastestVPN servers located in a country the show is available.

Steer clear of malicious malware and ads on the websites you visit.

FastestVPN ad-blocker prevents suspicious ads at the server level. You can browse the internet with no risk of harmful bots and ads.

P2P networks are handy, but opens you up to extreme risks.

Get enhanced protection by hiding your IP address while transferring files over a P2P network.

Don’t you worry about the bandwidth usage. This FastestVPN LTD has no bandwidth restrictions.

Make secure financial transactions. Even on-the-go over public networks with the FastestVPN mobile app.

FastestVPN encrypts all the data you send and receive.

With the SaaS Mantra LTD, you can use FastestVPN on 10 devices simultaneously for just $36/lifetime.

Need to use it on more devices? You can stack up to 2 codes to double the amount of usage.

Deal Highlights

  • Use up to 10 devices
  • 600+ Servers across Sixty Countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • 10gbps+ Speed servers
  • 24/7 support via Live Chat
  • Free Adblocker
  • Free Malware Protection
  • Free NAT Firewall
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • P2P Optimized Servers
  • Unblock US Netflix, Disney+, BBC iplayer, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Hulu
  • NAT firewall (an additional layer of protection)
  • Double VPN servers for tighter, double encryption
  • Zero Logging Policy
  • Bypass geo-restrictions & unlock any site you want
  • WireGuard protocol supported
  • No-log certified
  • Stack up to 2 codes per account
  • 60 days refund policy

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