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Your customers are more active and engaging on social media than anywhere else. 

Still, nothing feels more challenging than getting them to engage with your posts and take it further.

Because one, you cannot read your target audience’s minds. And two, even your audience does not know what will get them to engage with you. 

If only you had a social media oracle who can tell you what your audience wants at any given moment.

Meet CoCo

CoCo is an effective social media analytics platform that provides deep insights into your campaigns, competitors, influencers, and potential collaborators.


  • Analyze up to 20 pages simultaneously
  • Export Analytics to PDF
  • Alternative to:  SparkToro, SproutSocial, BuzzSumo
  • Best for Social Media Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Businesses, and Influencers.

Save weeks of effort put into ineffective social media strategies with no results. Instead, use the visualized actionable insights to create data-driven strategies.

Forget the vanity metrics and go in-depth. Track hourly and daily engagement rates, total engagement growth, best-performing content, and more. 

Optimize your publishing schedule, and boost engagement immediately. Meanwhile, take a long-term approach to strategic social media engagement growth.

Say goodbye to hours of guesswork for social media research, including your competitor analysis.

Because you can analyze and monitor up to 20 competitors simultaneously. Collect key hidden insights including keywords, and hashtags, and use them to your advantage. 

Get ahead of the curve with faster decision-making by comparing your competitors head-to-head. See what works better and faster, and replicate with ease.

But growing your Brand on social media is more about partnerships and collaborations than competition. 

Quickly find influencers and collaborators who can bring you the best results by monitoring them closely. 

Filter your list of influencers based on KPIs (like follower count, engagement rate, etc.), so that you can shortlist, collaborate, and start growing faster.

Plus, CoCo brings you a specialized AI to generate engagement-triggering captions and hashtags with ease. 

Effectively increase engagement and followers by tailoring every social media post caption with a specific tone, style, and more. 

CoCo is your social media oracle for the predictive social media growth of your Brand.

Deal Highlights

  • Access influencer pages' basic data.
  • Access to Instagram metrics (including avg. Likes, Comments, and the top posts).
  • Access the Instagram page interaction rate and the content type chart of each page.
  • Access to follower growth charts, and Instagram page engagement rates.
  • Access to weekly engagement graphs and audience feedback on Instagram posts.
  • Check keywords and top Instagram hashtags.
  • Compare Instagram pages and influencers.
  • Find Instagram influencers on the CoCo database.
  • Search posts by keywords and hashtags.

Business Plan


  • All the features highlighted above.
  • Lifetime access to the Business Plan.
  • Analyze 10 pages simultaneously.
  • AI Assistant (new).

Agency Plan


  • All the features highlighted above.
  • Lifetime access to the Agency Plan.
  • Analyze 20 pages simultaneously.
  • AI Assistant (new).

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From $59.00 /$360.00