Here’s Why SaaS Founders Are Choosing SaaS Mantra vs. DealMirror

DealMirror is one of the many marketplaces that launch SaaS products on a lifetime deal.

Despite several alternatives like DealMirror, hundreds of SaaS Founder have chosen SaaS Mantra to launch their lifetime deal campaigns for their SaaS tools.

We have earned their trust over the years with unmatched value and guidance with each campaign launched on SaaS Mantra.

“It's just been phenomenal. The feedback, the support, early adopters spend their time kind of helping and guiding. And you know Industry experts who wanna see you succeed. It's a game-changer.”

Philip Kallberg - Co-Founder & CEO, Reviewshake

Here are a few reasons why SaaS Mantra is the better alternative to DealMirror for SaaS products like yours.

Personalized Partnerships with Targeted Results

Launching with SaaS Mantra, you’re not just a seller but a partner. Unlike the mainstream daily deals marketplaces where you launch and hope for the best, we make it our priority to listen to your growth needs.

We help you set and achieve targeted results so that your product grows in the right direction that you want.

Don’t have a specific goal yet? We’ll help you figure it out. We always do.

We’re a Community at Core. You’re A Part of It

SaaS Mantra is more than a marketplace. You become a valued member of our B2B entrepreneur and SaaS enthusiast community.

You will be building lasting relationships with your customers and audience, and gaining support from other Founders who “gets” you.

Imagine a community of business owners and SaaS founders who have your back even years after your launch. Because you’re fam!

Save Your Recurring Revenue

A lifetime deal with SaaS Mantra means you’re not compromising on your recurring revenue, which is usually not the case with other marketplaces.

We pay close attention to maximizing your recurring revenue with strategic pricing plans. Plus our precise market penetration spares you from selling lifetime deals to your existing subscribers and customers willing to pay a month-over-month subscription.

With our partnership, you will not be missing out on long-term recurring revenue—as is the case with other mainstream marketplaces.

Grow Your Recurring Revenue (MRR)

At SaaS Mantra, we care about making your business sustainable and securing subscriptions via lifetime deal campaigns for long-term success.

We’ll work with you to create effective strategies to transform one-time loyal customers into a loyal subscribers.

Unlike other marketplaces, building a sustainable revenue stream from your lifetime deal campaign is easier with SaaS Mantra. Turn each transaction into a lasting relationship, generating recurring revenue for the future.

Stay True to Your Business Goals

As your strategic growth partner, we’re invested in your long-term success, not just immediate gains. Our commitment goes long—we align with your specific business goals at all times and at all costs.

Together, we build you a path for sustained growth, ensuring this success extends far beyond our partnership now.