Convert your Traffic into Leads & Sales Automagically!

Did you know a website owner (or) a webmaster uses 8-10 different tools to convert their traffic into leads & sales?

And this comes at an additional cost of logging into each of those tools to set up your campaigns and keep track of the analytics.

It’s tiring to even read about it. We have been there, too, and it made our life more cumbersome.

We started looking for a solution, and we found the right one for you.

Introducing Notifia


Notifia is loaded with 15 widgets to show action-triggered notifications to interact with your users.

The tool has got everything you need to keep your users engaged on your website, right from Offer pop-ups to Social Proof, Downloads to Exit pop-ups, to collecting leads, etc.

With 10 more widgets to be added in the next 3-6 months (which also is a part of this deal), which makes Notifia the favorite go-to tool for 8,000+ customers.

What the Users are Saying?

How about a little intro of the tool before we get into the details?

The story of is unique & interesting.

Originally the tool was developed for internal purposes and later was used on a few clients’ websites.

Upon rave reviews, they developed Notifia into a SaaS product late 2017 & made it available to the public in Q1 2018.

The team has iterated the versions for about 6-9 months to make the tool quite easy to use.

You can set up and get started with Notifia within 30 seconds:

  1. Copy & paste the 2 lines of code on your website header
  2. Create a campaign for your website
  3. Activate the kits you’d like to display on your website

Let’s take a quick look at the widgets available:

Sales/User Acquisition

  • Social Proof notification: Undeniably one of the most convincing factors for you to buy something is when you see others buying the same
  • Exit pop-ups: Convert your traffic better by displaying additional discounts when someone tries to exit your sales page
  • Schedule Demos: Display a pop up to collect user details & follow them up scheduling a demo

User Engagement

The more time your audience spend time on your page, the higher your chances of converting them.

  • Show notifications on the screen based on the user behavior on your website
  • Display Call to Actions on any page of your website, from getting to redirecting them to your high converting sales pages
  • Your visitors are leaving your website and/or app? Ask them why, with one-click surveys that are not boring

Drive more Traffic

  • Make social sharing easier by adding options to share on FB, Twitter & Linkedin to your website. Reward them for sharing with a discount
  • Add a “Click to Tweet” button to any part of your website. Visitors are more prompted to share your webpages & blog posts with one click

Notifia not only cuts down the need to use multiple tools to achieve all the above but soon it would also make your life easier with detailed analytics of how your widgets are performing, in a single screen.

With A/B testing planned in the roadmap, the potential of Notifia is endless (Public roadmap)

Are you a Wordpress lover? Notifia has got you covered with their recently launched Wordpress Plugin.

Normally, they charge $79/month for all these widgets & 25,000 unique visitors per month.

But today, you can get all these widgets & Twice the traffic, i.e., 50,000 Unique Visitors per month for only $59 one-time


We have a webinar on the 16th of April, where Nathan (Founder of Notifia) is going to show you how 8,000+ users are using Notifia to increase their sales & conversions.

Here's your one-click registration link for the webinar



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