Convert More with Hyper-Personalisation

Get AI to craft user-specific responses with accurate real-time data from multiple sources.


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Personalizing responses for each prospect makes them feel valued, but you could miss out on quoting data that supports your claims.

You cannot be wasting time visiting multiple dashboards to get data to write a single email.

Let AI bring updated numbers to your fingertips from everywhere (Thanks to Auto-sync).

Meet Hypertype

Hypertype is an AI assistant for emails and query resolution that integrates your company data from any source. It creates a knowledge base from datasets to draft convincing responses with the most accurate data.


  • Generate text that almost sounds like you
  • Auto-sync data in one click
  • Alternative to: Intercom, Fin AI, Flowrite, Microsoft Co-pilot
  • Best for Customer support agents, Sales Professionals, Account Managers

Avoid rescheduling interviews and set up meetings faster with the respective hiring managers by including a Calendly Link with Hypertype.

Send the right assessment links with the detailed instructions for candidates according to their roles. 

Hire top talent across locations with seamless multilingual communication.

Understand your customers better by analyzing their tone and sentiments in the query.

Personalize the response in an apologetic or empathetic tone to ensure a smooth resolution of the issues. 

Hypertype helps you choose the relevant information/data to share with your customer.

Respond to queries promptly to generate recurring business and upsell your products or services.

Create concise and professional emails for your prospects by syncing data from all available resources.

Summarize long conversations and past interactions to understand the context of the conversation better. 

Draft and send responses to inbound leads with data supporting your claims to boost conversions.

Write effective replies to queries with an appropriate tone (apologetic, humorous, or convincing) in 90+ languages.

Service clients from all over the world and provide data in a single attempt without the need for a human translator or separate translation software.

Sell globally with your own multilingual AI assistant.

Deal Highlights

  • Write compelling emails with AI
  • Intercom and Gmail integration
  • Automatic ranking of email responses based on relevance
  • Instant data-sync with all resources
  • Switch tones of your emails for each scenario
  • Unlimited email templates
  • Data Sources Verification
  • Translate responses to 95 languages
  • Switch between 1 to 4 tiers during the lifetime deal
  • Future Updates & Integrations of the Hypertype Lifetime plan are included 
  • 60 days refund policy

Tier 1


  • 45 emails generated per month
  • Single User
  • Data used from a Single Source
  • History of email conversations upto 5,000 emails
  • Mapped to Mini Plan

Tier 2


  • Unlimited emails per month
  • 3 Users
  • Data used from Team's Source
  • History of email conversations upto 10,000 emails
  • 5 Webpages as data source
  • Collaborative workspace for the team
  • Upload 5 Files/Notion pages
  • Mapped to Infinity Plan


  • Unlimited emails per month
  • 7 Users
  • Data used from Team's Source
  • History of email conversations upto 15,000 emails
  • Unlimited Webpages as data source
  • Collaborative workspace for the team
  • Upload Unlimited Files/Notion pages
  • Mapped to Infinity Plan

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From $39.00 /$708.00