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Swell Enterprise

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Are you a solopreneur, agency or a business that depends on multiple tools and apps to get work done?

If so, you’re probably wasting precious time, resources and money on software that are highly limited.

Do you feel your business gets disorganized and the clutter is eating into your productivity?

Say hello to SwellEnterprise

An all-in-one application that has everything you need to manage your business.

What do you get?

  • Manage your Entire Business in One place
  • You can automate repetitive tasks such as Invoices, Time tracking, etc.
  • Create a custom client portal for your brands
  • Setup roles & permissions for your team mates, and clients

No more switching between different apps and paying for stuff that you seldom use!

All it takes to get started is to:

Sign up and get your SwellEnterprise account

Customize your dashboard the way you like it by adding or removing widgets and services

You can now seamlessly get work done!

Here’s how SwellEnterprise can help you efficiently run your business:

Organization – Form Builder, Calendars, Email Client, File Manager, Scheduler, Notes

Sales – Proposals, Opportunities, Invoicing

Productivity – Project Management, Tasks

Collaboration – Multiple Users & Roles, Chat, Work Room

Relationship Management – Contact Manager, Client Relationship Management, Lead Management

Accounting – Expenses, Transactions, Invoices

Marketing – Email, Messaging, Telephone

And The best part? All of the above are available as widgets for you, to see on your dashboard

Wait, there's more...

You can automate workflows based on the “If This, Then That” concept. This helps you make the most out of Swell Enterprise’s management prowess and gain an edge by not wasting time on repetitive tasks.

For instance, an email can automatically be sent to the client when a project or task is marked as “complete”.

Should you still need more integrations, SwellEnterprise has its own Native API for you to use. In addition, you can also connect to 1,000+ services via Zapier integration.

Here are some users who love SwellEnterprise!

A lot of businesses starting out don’t have the luxury of multiple expensive software. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way because you get to save tens of thousands of dollars.

SwellEnterprise was created with the intention to streamline your management and business setup so that you can concentrate on your actual work.

Neat right?

Most businesses generally spend around $500+ every month on a range of different applications.

But, you don't have to. You are a part of SaaS Mantra family.

We brought you an incredible deal to get SwellEnterprise at just $59, FOR LIFE! This also includes future updates.

P.S In the last 6 months, SwellEnterprise team has rolled out 27+ updates!

The possibilities are endless with SwellEnterprise. Whatever it is that you decide to do, one thing is for certain – No more complicated user experiences and bloat!

Here is the roadmap of upcoming features (included as a part of this deal)

So go on and nurture those leads, manage projects, collaborate with your team and automate workflows.

All this and more within a single window!

Heads up:

We have organized a webinar to teach How to use Swell Enterprise like a Pro on the 8th of October '19.

Here's your link to Sign up for the Free Webinar

Deal Highlights

  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Proposals
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Custom branding
  • 2 brands per deal
  • API & Webhooks access
  • 0% transaction fee (you only pay Paypal/Stripe fee)
  • 3 team members per deal
  • Stack 5 deals to get 20 team members (instead of 15)
  • Stack 10 deals to get 40 team members (instead of 30)
  • Future updates & integrations are included
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Whitelabel via Cname
  • 30 days refund policy

I replaced 8 other software I was paying for, with SwellEnterprise

- Adam J
Digital Agency Owner

Reviews and Questions

Daniel Vlad five-review

2 months ago   |   Member Since: 29 October 2018

I bought this last time and I can say that this company is the real deal, with regular updates on the platform, amazing support team and honest. Derek Schmidt is very passionate and I am 100% certain this platform will soon be one of the best. I am so glad to be part of this journey. Keep up the good work guys and thank you!

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2 months ago   |   Member Since: 12 October 2018

Such a wonderful review :)

Thanks for taking time to share with us


gelar satya pradana five-review

1 month ago   |   Member Since: 09 May 2019

Swell is the best! They truly value their customers and I love that they give back. I’m planning to donate to the non-profits they partner with. I love that they are affordable and they truly care about helping small business owners. Im telling everyone I know to switch to Swell for their mission alone the technology is an added bonus! We need more companies like Swell that care about uplifting humanity and make a difference.

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Ramy Barsoum five-review

1 month ago   |   Member Since: 20 February 2019

I bought this deal last time and I was amazed by their customer service!!!
Nothing can be compared to their dedication to their product, their keen to help you with your requests or questions.
I'd buy this deal only for their team, that's really enough to guarantee the success of the platform.
For the product itself, it's HubSpot for small businesses with zero costs.

Don't be afraid, stack this deal and be sure you're investing in a very strong product and team.

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Jeremy five-review

2 weeks ago   |   Member Since: 22 October 2018 ( 3 Reviews )

I've been looking for an 'All-in-One Business Management Platform', so was absolutely delighted when I saw what SWELL Enterprise has to offer and for the price of a cheap night out I have now acquired a full-on Business Team Management Tool. Seriously AMAZING!

Having spoken with the Founder who is such a genuine and lovely guy too, I know they are investing heavily in a brand spanking new UI/UX which goes live in around a week now, which he's shown me too, as well as further new features, AND ... they are even adding Contact Enrichments to the built-in CRM too!

Another absolute 'Gem' of an offer from SaaS Mantra! And of course SWELL team too! Incredible!

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Claudio five-review

1 month ago   |   Member Since: 16 September 2019

Swell system is an impressive crm. really well done with everything a business needs to manage and communicate with its customers. However, I have encountered some technical problems:
1. I can't set up subdomains and custom domains (while setting everything up perfectly)
2. While saving the change of theme and colors, the platform does not change.

The rating for the platform functions is certainly a 5, but the rating on the technical part is 3

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1 month ago   |   Member Since: 16 May 2019

If I already sign up on trial, do I need a new account for this deal?

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1 month ago   |   Member Since: 03 October 2018

Nope, you can redeem your lifetime deal to your trial account




1 month ago   |   Member Since: 01 October 2019

What does this look like from a client view? Can clients manage projects/goals?

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Samuel Aghogho

6 days ago   |   Member Since: 10 March 2019

how does custom branding works.

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3 days ago   |   Member Since: 30 October 2018

How does this compare to Plutio in terms of communicating with the team or client? Are there comments or chat surrounding projects or tasks?

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$59.00   |   $2,400

five-review   5 Reviews