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A combination of Capturly, Zigpoll, and Splithero

Gave this a try and at first, I was hesitant regarding the 1 website per code, but since they allow it to be swapped this is a no-brainer. I've been using Capturly and Figpii offers the heatmap and recordings they provide but adds in A/B testing and Polls similar to features from splithero and zigpoll.

The setup was easy and so far I am impressed with the extra options compared to capturly like only record sessions of 30 seconds or longer. The one big difference, with Figpii you specifically setup and target the pages you want to record and heatmap, with Capturly it does all by default. The Capturly method is better I think for seeing the full user journey, but I will see how Figpii works as I use it more.

Worth a buy, good deal with the exception of 1 code per website, but since you can delete and re-use, I say get a few.

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