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My Salestools Experience

Hey I wanted to leave a review of my experience thus far with software. Like many people I am a bit skeptical using automation with LI not automation itself. I purchased the software awhile ago but just started using it.
before using I asked the owner tons of questions ranging from the "how to's" to the "but what about..." He has always replied in a timely mainer and explained with significant detail and encouraged any follow up questions.
I also believe that he/ salestools are at a stage that we can help shape the platform into what we like far as integrations and features that we would like to see with our feedback and suggestions.

So far I can say the system flat out works(almost intimidating I get the that's it feeling / nothing else for me to do?) If you are looking for automation for LI check it out. As far as using for any other platform it does not currently focus on anything other than LI but integrate with a few platforms and I am not sure about what they will add in the future. I rather Salestool to be great at 1 thing as opposed to Okay in a bunch of things. I will be testing the integration with Automizly and Salesflare soon but have not yet just want to do the due diligence myself and use everything in stages to make sure I do not mess things up through human error.

I think this software is worth giving it a shot. Suggest start off with one automation and monitor your account. I do plan on picking up additional codes as my account becomes more seasoned. The goal is to have multiple automations at one time via LI, CRM and Automizly. So picking up more codes will allow me more flexibility as the company grows.

I think avg user that does not plan on doing much 1 code will be just fine. Hope this help anyone on the fence and remember you have a refund period.

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