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Love it!

As a keen user of evernote and zoho notes, this is actually really quite good :)

The UI looks great, the mac app works like a charm. I can't wait to install this on my android tablet and phone when I get a moment.

Well done guys, I can't believe I haven't heard of nimbus before. As Sampath said this is a no brainer :)

Moving forwards, I understand you guys plan to ditch the monthly storage allowance for a set storage limit. I can understand the financial reason to do this, but I would still suggest keeping a small monthly allowance on top of the total storage limit for 3 key reasons:

1/ It gives users the perception that the storage will meet their daily needs today and for years to come.
If you fix it at say 20GB for a monthly paid plan, even though it might meet the needs of 90% of users, the perception will be that after 20GB they will need to pay more to upgrade or will need to delete stuff.

But if you provide say a 1GB or 500MB free monthly allowance on top of the 20GB total storage, then most users will feel they are getting the benefit of Evernote with more storage and a better user experience at a lower price. Plus most users will likely not use most of the 20GB allowance anyway so at the end of the day, you'll still profit the same from the monthly paid user plans.

2/ It provides parity with evernote and the other competitors offering near unlimited storage whilst limiting your exposure to users who will abuse the quota.

3/ The industry is moving towards unlimited everything, so having a hard storage limit will hurt your marketing.

My recommendation would be to simplify your monthly plans in a similar way to how the saasmantra deal was simplified:

-Offer a total storage limit based on the plan (that can be used and pooled across all users instead of a per user limit). For example: Free 2GB, PRO 5GB, BUSINESS 20GB, CORPORATE 100GB
-Offer a smaller monthly free included storage allowance based on the plan (before which it starts digging into the total storage allowance). For example FREE 60MB / PRO 250MB / BUSINESS 1GB / CORPORATE 5GB
-Limit the number of users based on the plan

This would enable you to beat Evernote's free plan and most of the paid plans out there whilst still keeping things nice and profitable and sustainable. And if we are grandfathered to the business plan even better, you'll have an army of nimbus advocates and ambassadors spreading the good gospel to build your community and get more paid customers :)

These are just ideas I think would make nimbus even more of a no brainer, keep up the great work :)

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